LOTTO Foundation would explore Partnership, if your Organization’s Programmes:-

  1. Are recognized and valued by the local community in the area where it operates
  2. Provide for the right to equal opportunities for potential beneficiaries
  3. Have respect for other Cultures and Religions, and do not discriminate by Ethnicity, Religion, or Gender.
  4. Respect for people’s rights and child protection policies as defined by the Laws of Kenya and other international treaties

 Requisite Documents for Partnership:



Copy of legal registration or other document giving evidence of the nature of the Organization, its identity and organisational structure.


Organisation structure

Overview of staff members (Organisation chart) clearly indicating the programmes within the organisation.


Service provided

Brief description of the programmes and the services provided.


Annual report

Annual report, or other documents that provide information on the execution of the programme(s) over the year


Funding agencies

List of national and/or international funding agencies


List of collaborating organizations

List of collaborating organizations, such as NGO’s, Schools, Rehabilitation Centers, Hospitals, etc.



Audit report or other financial reports that provide evidence of financial controls.