You Win, Kenya Wins! At Lotto Kenya we believe that through diligent research and careful analysis of all aspects of Kenyan life, we can make a positive impact across a wide range of causes and improve the day-to-day lives of millions of Kenyan people. In July 2015 the Kenyan Betting, Licensing, & Control Board (BCLB) granted the newly incorporated Oxygen8 Lotto Kenya a license to operate a lottery. Just a few months later, on November 7th, Kenyan history was made with Lotto’s first official television draw, aired live on TV nationwide. Since that day, Lotto has created two hundred millionaires, together with a myriad of multi-millionaires, and almost 4.5 million winners in total. However, Lotto is not just about the winners – in fact, here at Lotto we are just as focused on those that have not won… those who are in need of assistance. As the old adage goes, virtue is better than wealth, and following that maxim, the Lotto Foundation has already raised over Ksh375 million for charitable and worthy causes in our key target spheres – namely health, education, sport, and community & heritage – all in less than two years. Through the Foundation, Lotto is committed to improving the quality of life in Kenya – that’s why when you play Lotto… a win for you is indeed a win for Kenya with the Lotto Foundation Changing Lives for the people of all counties and communities.