The LOTTO Foundation Distributes funds raised through LOTTO to good causes throughout the country. We are mandated to support a wide range of social development initiatives spanning from Humanitarianism, Education, Healthcare, and Sports Development..

We are committed to bringing real change to the lives of people most in need in Communities across Kenya.



In the sphere of health, Lotto Foundation has supported many life-changing projects, including: eradicating jiggers infestation across Kenya; supplying ambulances to the 47 counties across Kenya; working with county governments to provide food aid during droughts; funding an epilepsy caravan to reach patients across 14 different counties; supporting Kenya’s first mobile app to assist chronic disease management, and many other health-related initiatives and causes.



In education, the Foundation has focused on building & infrastructural projects and other development initiatives, with projects completed at the Magareza Academy in Naivasha, St. Peter’s Centre for the Disabled in Rachuonya Sub-County, Dr Nganga Primary School, Upendo Children’s Education and Rehabilitation Centre in Huruma, and five primary schools across Homa Bay County – to name just a few.



Lotto’s major contributions to Kenyan sport are well known throughout the country – with the Road to Rio, Baringo Half-Marathon, AK Cross Country Championships, SOYA Awards, Olympic homecoming celebrations – and much more… all supported by Lotto Foundation!


Community & Heritage

Our community & heritage support extends across a range of diverse projects, from water treatment in Machakos County to the building of a new police station in Karen; from tackling substance abuse and prostitution through partnership with Jaguar Youth Empowerment Programme (JYEF) to constructing safe footbridges for the people living in some of Nairobi’s biggest slums; and from assisting impoverished elderly people at Nyumba Ya Wazee in Kasarani in partnership with the Little Sisters of the Poor, to supporting the Council of Elders.

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